The Kindergarten
In 2010 the City of Wrocław transferred the property of the former kindergarten to the Lower Silesia Chamber of Architects which set themselves the task to restore the building as their training facility. The architects, under the supervision of the chairman, Zbigniew Maćków, created a new project. The functional layout was not changed. The designer attempted to recreate the original character of this building. They applied the same material (a wooden framework and wooden mantles for the external walls), and the same form and dimensions of the original building. The colour scheme was recreated on the basis of the original photographs and very general descriptions of the building from pre-war times. The reconstruction was completed in December 2013. Adopting this new building as the seat of the Chamber will be something more than just a training centre for architects. It will also serve as an exhibition and lecture area for people interested in architecture, and a place for meetings and discussions.