The subsidy programme for private owners
On May 19th, 2011, on the initiative of the Mayor of Wrocław, the City Council passed new rules for subsidies for persons holding private ownership of a registered building which is a part of the former WuWA exhibition area in Wrocław. The grant-in-aid covers conservation, restoration and construction activities. This programme allows for a subsidy of up to seventy percent of the renovation cost for the façade and the garden if the renovation is carried out in accordance with a project approved by the Historic Preservation Authority.

The first house renovated with the grant-in-aid was house no. 37 by Ludwig Moshamer. This renovation was definitely an impulse for other inhabitants to take on similar actions further down the line. In 2013, house no. 27 by Theodor Effenberger was renovated. Currently owners of the following houses are applying for the grant: gallery-access house no. 2 by Paul Heim and Albert Kempter, detached house no. 28 by Emil Lange and one of the sections in the terraced house no. 12 by Ludwig Moshamer. Apart from those, the owners of the restored house no. 37 have applied for the subsidy for their garden restoration..