The model housing estates by the Werkbund were to initiate a the new era of construction, free from the traditional attitudes and change people and their lives forever.

What is the meaning of “WuWA”?

WuWA is one of the six model housing estates created by the Werkbund, built in Europe at the turn of the 30s of the last century. An innovative look at the urbanisation process, overpopulation in cities, society’s expectations in terms of living conditions and the ability to apply the latest technologies in construction – these were the challenging aspects of the post-war period that urban planners and architects had to face. These Werkbund estates were an experiment of special importance, and they considerably influenced the development of modern architecture of the twentieth century. Currently they are unique objects of immeasurable cultural value classified as historical monuments. WuWA is an abbreviation of “Wohnung und Werkraum Ausstellung” – Living and Work Space – the great exposition in 1929 of which the model housing estate was a part.



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